Developed by vesting. distributed by STAUF.

curing with the speed of light

world´s first LED-Curing hardwax oil

your benefits

  • Protection

    highly wear-resistant

  • Immediate Utilisation

    oil dries immediately because of the LED technology

  • Energy-Efficiency

    60% less energy consumption

  • Environment

    no solvents / no ozone emissions

  • Reduced Expenditure

    LED light bulbs with 25,000 burning hours

  • Safety

    minimal heat generation / VOC-free

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about the cooperation

Vesting, NL is responsible for the development and the production of the LED HardWax Oil. STAUF Germany is the official distributor of the AKZENT product line. Vesting B.V. has over 60 year’s of experience in developing and producing high quality and innovative oils, waxes, lacquers, stains and maintenance products for wooden floors.

Customers have been appreciating the adhesive technology of STAUF since 1828. The company is one of the most successful specialists on the market for construction chemical products.

Both companies are cooperating to offer the wooden flooring market the best products and best service globally. Stauf is providing their know-how for wooden flooring, their global organization and un-rivalled service to offer the market with AKZENT.

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